Several Places To Visit When You Get To Utah

Have you been to the state of Utah in the last few years? Perhaps if you go, this will be your first visit. People that travel during the summer going to have so much more fun than those that show up during the winter. That is because of the national parks that you need to visit, and the many beautiful places that are throughout the countryside. Here are several places that you should visit when you do get to Utah so that you can find out why so many people enjoy this state.

Bryce Canyon National Park

This is one of three incredible national parks that is in the state of Utah. Bryce Canyon is known for the hoodoos. These are crimson and color, a color seen in many of the rock formations that are throughout Utah and also Arizona. There was a time when these areas were completely covered with water by several thousand feet, and water erosion led to their creation. You can also see the Bryce Amphitheater, and you can do the Rim Trail which will take you all throughout this beautiful area.

Temple Square

One of the most magnificent buildings that has ever been created is Temple Square. You have probably heard of it. It is the main church for the Mormon religion, and it is a sight to behold. You should visit during the daytime, but if you can come out during the evening hours, it lights up and is absolutely astounding. It is representative of part of their religion, and it is a structure that attracts tens of thousands of people every year that have never seen it in person.

Wasatch Range

This is a mountain range that is only about 160 miles long. It’s right on the border of Idaho. It goes up to an elevation of about 12,000 feet, allowing you to see an amazing view. If you haven’t done any hiking in the last few years, you might want to take it easy, but it’s well worth a hike to some of the highest points. It will allow you to see how beautiful this state really is from this elevated position.

Plan your trip to go to Utah as soon as you can. This will ensure that you will have the room that you want at the cities that you would like to stay at. It is highly recommended that you start in Salt Lake City, and then travel throughout the state, especially if you want to see all of the beautiful national parks that are available for tourists.